Rules Governing the Use of Christ Church Property

The following activities are not permitted on Church premises:

  • The sale of articles or services for profit (except for the benefit of the United Methodist Church or a non-profit charitable organization)
  • Partisan political meetings
  • Games of chance or lotteries
  • Serving, using, or awarding alcoholic beverages

Users accept the responsibility for adherence to fire laws. Smoking is prohibited at all times.

Unauthorized use of the Church sound system or any other equipment in the building without prior permission is prohibited. Users are financially responsible for any damage to Church property.

Unless other specific arrangements have been made, users must secure doors and windows, turn off lights, and reset thermostats in all areas of use (including rest rooms) after meetings are conducted.

Users are responsible for conduct and discipline deemed proper in a House of Worship.

All users, including children, will be restricted to the area for which they have been approved. Unsupervised children will not be permitted to roam the building or grounds at any time or under any circumstances.

Furniture or equipment may not be moved from room to room without specific prior approval.

Erection of scenery, displays, decorations, etc. is prohibited without prior approval. At no time should anything be affixed to the walls without specific approval.

Kitchen Use Regulations:

  • The applicant must use their own equipment and supplies to serve refreshments
  • The use of kitchen equipment or appliances is prohibited without specific approval
  • The use of the kitchen does not include the use of dishes, silverware, coffeemaker, paper goods, or any foodstuffs in Church storage
  • Refrigerators are primarily for Church use. If permission is granted for use of the refrigerators, then all privately owned goods must be removed at the end of the day

The Church premises will be left in clean and orderly condition after use.

All tables and chairs will be replaced to original locations.

Garbage will be bagged and placed in the outside dumpster at the end of the function

The Church is not responsible for items left on the premises.

Users are responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the facilities and must agree to reimburse the Church for any such damage.


  • The Sanctuary will be used for religious purposes only.
  • An additional clean-up fee may be requested. The fee is refundable on satisfactory inspection of the premises.
  • Any exception to the above is subject to review by the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Board.


For more information, please Contact Us.  God Bless You!

Building Use Contribution Chart