In preparation for the service, please consider composing your thoughts,
wishes, stories, memories or prayers and sending them via email to:


or via first-class mail to:
Vickie Moller
280 Avenue C
Ronkonkoma, New York 11779


These precious treasures from you will be forever held and cherished in Papa Joe’s honor and memory, and anyone who wishes to share them at the memorial service will be most warmly welcomed to do so.

Thank you for the many ways you have loved, befriended and blessed our beloved Papa Joe throughout his life and for considering joining with us on April 10th as we gather to honor his life, his legacy and his memory.


(Please note that throughout the service, all COVID-19 protocols will be closely adhered to.)


Seating will be limited. To reserve your spot, please email the church office using the RSVP button above, or call the office at the number listed below. Please leave your name, mention that you wish to reserve a spot for the memorial, and leave contact information. Thank you and God bless.